FREE Shipping Active Today
FREE Shipping Active Today

Where do your products come from?

We only source merchandise from socially responsible businesses with ethical manufacturing practices. 

Our branded products are manufactured in the United States, China, India and Guatemala. Unless otherwise mentioned all tools branding is done in the United States on blanks from the above countries.

Are purchases tax deductible?

All of the purchase price of the item goes directly to funding the cost of the merchandise and the shop overhead, therefore we're not able to provide a tax receipt for any of the purchase. 

But the order receipt will be delivered to you via email as soon as the order is placed.

Will my order get to me without any issues?

We use USPS (United States Postal Service), CNE Express, FedEx and DHL for deliveries inside the United States and abroad. All of our shipments leave the United States and will likely spend time in the customs for the country where the shipment arrives. We cannot provide any customs clearance estimates, but in most cases, shipments may spend anywhere from one to three days in customs. 

IMPORTANT: Any customs or import duties are paid by us once the order reaches its destination you don't have to pay anything for the delivery.

Why don't you accept my currency?

Right now we're able to show dozens of global currencies to give you a sense of how our prices convert into other currencies. We're working to implement new payment systems that will allow us to accept not only different currencies, but also dozens of different regional payment systems. So while the content of your cart may currently be displayed in your local currency, the Gem Stores process all orders in USD at the most current exchange rate.

Will my fit for all inserts? How do you think about sizes?

We've worked hard to ensure that the sizes we offer will work for many different shapes We currently offer products Tools that come in a range of sizes from m3-m12 (Metric)

Each product is different, so make sure to check the sizing guide in each page. As we introduce new products, we'll add even more information about product sizes.

What about shipping and delivery?

Our fulfillment partner fulfills orders within 1 business day (Mon-Fri), a timeline which does not include Weekends or Holidays. Please remember that the delivery of your order is the responsibility of the shipping carrier (USPS, CNE Express, Fedex, DHL). 

Once a package leaves our fulfillment center, you must reach out directly to the shipping carrier. You should have your tracking number ready when reaching out to the shipping carrier.

Why My order had not been delivered Yet? 

To maintain the top quality at the lowest prices we source our products and store it in our warehouses located worldwide. The Shipping time depends on the warehouse the order came from.

The normal shipping times for worldwide are 7-28 Business Days.

Why Am I not able to track my order? 

As we are using express shipping on every order sometimes because of the system error the tracking is not updates. You can track your order here Just by adding the tracking number. 

Still Need Help?

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